• Recommendations on Engagement of the Council of Europe with the Russian Civil Society

    November 2022 (PDF, 592 KB)

  • Input for the High-Level Reflection Group of the Council of Europe

    July 2022 (PDF, 364 KB)

  • Discussion Paper on the Future of the Council of Europe

    May 2022 (PDF, 302 KB)

  • Proposals to the Committee of Ministers on the Council of Europe’s Actions Following Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine and Its Expulsion from the Organisation

    April 2022 (PDF, 799 KB)

  • Open Letter by the CURE Campaign to the Council of Europe

    March 2022 (PDF, 147 KB)

  • CURE Manifesto

    January 2022 (PDF, 623 KB)

  • Strengthening the Ability of the Council of Europe to Pursue Its Mission and Restoring Its Credibility: Recommendations on Pertinent Reforms

    March 2021, Position Paper (PDF, 143 KB)