About Us

CURE – Campaign to Uphold Rights in Europe is an initiative of leading civil society organisations from across the European continent. CURE was launched on 26 January 2022 in Strasbourg, the seat of the Council of Europe, the inter-governmental organisation specifically dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, rule of law and democracy and currently uniting 46 European member states.

We share a firm belief in the founding idea of the Council of Europe and the value therein: the Council as a guardian and promoter of a pan-European legal framework in human rights, democracy and rule of law, and as a pioneer in developing international norms and standards.

Therefore, the overall goal of CURE is to make the Council of Europe strong and effective in fulfilling its abovementioned statutory role. The campaign’s founding Manifesto raises the alarm over the increasing challenge to this role.

'Today, member states systematically fail to act jointly on key issues, including in addressing major human rights and rule of law violations by their peers, due to a lack of political will or prevalence of other political considerations, as well as differences and disagreements between them. Therefore, the impact of the Council of Europe […] on serious and systemic violations remains very limited. This negative pattern leaves victims of violations unprotected and induces impunity and recurring violations,' reads the Manifesto.

We are committed to make the Council of Europe stronger and the voice of civil society prominently heard.

For the planning and implementation of the activities in the name of the campaign, the Steering Committee is responsible. In this, it is supported by the CURE team that takes care of the daily functioning of the campaign. The Advisory Council consists of experts on the Council of Europe. They act in an individual capacity and advise the CURE team on activities related to the campaign.


Steering Committee


Gunnar Ekeløve-Slydal

Norwegian Helsinki Committee (Oslo)


Florian Irminger

Progress & Change Action Lab (Geneva)


Hanna Machińska

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw)
Photo: Miasto Warszawa


Oleksandra Matviychuk

Centre for Civil Liberties (Kyiv)


Eleonora Mongelli

FIDU – Italian Federation for Human Rights (Rome)


Karinna Moskalenko

International Protection Centre (Strasbourg)


Konstantin Baranov

Team Member/ Advocacy & Policies (Vilnius)

Harry Hummel

Team Member/ Advocacy & External Communications (The Hague)

Advisory Council

Wolfgang Benedek

Professor Emeritus of public international law

Boriss Cilevičs

PACE Member (1999-2023)

Başak Çali

Hertie School/ Koç University

Andrew Drzemczewski

Middlesex University School of Law

Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

University of Liverpool/ ECHR Law Review

Andrew Forde

Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Lize Glas

Radboud University

Jeremy McBride

Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe